should you call the police if your child runs away

Yes, it’s possible (even probable.) Either way, we recommend that you tell your child that you are considering calling the police and be very clear with your child. If that happens, call Kids Legal (866) 624-7787. The police can ask your parents to take you home only if you and your parents agree to you going home. You can report your daughter as a runaway (she clearly is, she has run away from home even if you know where she is) and the friend's parents are harboring a runaway, which is a crime. It is important to create the paper trail immediately. The Call. Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming, consider running away from home a status offense. If she runs away, if she sneaks out, if she has drugs, if you find drugs in the house. When your ex-wife violates the child custody or visitation order and denies your parenting time, many divorced dads wonder if they should immediately call the local police.. Running away can be very dangerous for teenagers. Single. You can also call DCF. Contact the police right away to get help when your teenager goes missing. By Daniel Exner. Experts on teen runaways advise the following: Search your house and make sure your teen is not hiding somewhere. Whether or not the police put a lot of effort into finding you all depends on the circumstances. If you do not agree, the police must take you to where DHHS says you should go. Next, you should ask your child’s friends and their parents for clues to your child… Call the police. - The police are responsible for the safety of citizenry; your child is not safe if you do not know where he is. What to Do When Your Teen Runs Away. - Parents are responsible for what happens to their child even when he is not at home. Different places handle the calls to the police differently. You should report your child as a runaway every day they are gone, and Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to wait 24 hours before reporting your teen as missing. These continued runaway reports help police recognize your child’s behaviors as a serious problem. Call the police. If your child does run away, you should immediately notify the police and file a missing person’s report. That means it is against the law when a youth under 18 years old runs away from home. Time. My suggestion is to leave a note or tell a friend/family member of your decision to leave and why. - This sends the message to teenagers that it is not okay to leave home without permission. Think about your child’s well-being and act in their best interest. Every. Sometimes the police will bring you home even though you told them you do not agree. The number one concern should be to make sure your child is safe. When a parent contacts the police to discipline an unruly child, many departments will dispatch a social services unit or community services officer with the patrol or “sworn” officer--the one who carries a … Whether husband wants it or not. But remember, if you tell him or her that you’re planning to do it, you better do it. Call the police right away. What happens if DHHS is called? Each call to a police department is treated as an emergency. If they continue to let her stay with them, call the police. MOST will ask you if you will let her stay in the house. If your child is on run, it is also critical that you call the child’s school daily to report the child truant and to advise staff that their child is a reported runaway. Child runaway laws vary by state but most states do not consider it illegal for minors to run away from home.

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