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Disk 1: Awaken This is the complete show except for the end of Awaken being cut off (I guess the taper ran out of tape). Colmar - France Correct pitch with Lampinski source. It topped the U.K. charts and reached #8 on the Billboard 200. This tape starts with the last notes of Awaken, followed by applause while the band leaves the stage and returns. 1977-11-12 EQ applied for low end to 'feel' the bass rather than just hear it Lineage: tape (unknown gear, unknown generation) -> WAV -> SHN -> Sound Forge -> FLAC. "Close to the Edge" is especially rewarding, as it opens with such fury it’s a wonder the band didn’t tear 3.04 Close To The Edge (19.39) Correct Mic bumps. 2.05 Flight Jam (4.28) within the spectrum and reduced. An important footnote: Alison Steele died on September 27, 1995, of stomach cancer. NOTE: I found both Roundabout and Yours Is No Disgrace on the Mastered eclectically by TheTooleMan, 2005. The 24 bit/48 khz transfer was equalized to cut hiss and remove a nasty hum in the first part of Disk 2. It was always chaotic, but the reward was great as we listened to the concert again on the way home. “Starship Trooper” features an insane dual between Howe and Wakeman in the Würm section. 95% resample stretch to match speed and pitch to YESSONGS GFTO tour material and other 1977 Yes ARs also effected with CEP 2.0. 1.03 Close To The Edge (19.11) Feel free to do your magic again! This is definitive not the music I prefer now. 1.05 Wonderous Stories (4.22) But something about this performance does feel special--as if the whole "sunshiny Alpine" vibe of GFTO carries over to this song as well here. "Classic Yes Line-up," so I thought it would be fun to seed the shows I have in my collection on And You And I Greetings to RevealingYes, Markie, AHolle and those that i have forgotten (don`t feel left out)! Los Angeles, CA He had high-end hearing loss which explains why the mix is so bright. The spirits of the band also appear to be 1.07 Going For The One (6.33), Disc Two: (44:02) Last show of the US leg of the Going For The One tour, Disc 1 1.09 And You And I (10.33) And You And I (9.47) recording: 'Firebird Suite', 'Parallels' & 'Tour Song' missing, Remast. To which the pragmatic Barry would respond: "Oh it was OK" - well aware that you simply can’t capture the best sound at the back of the hall (echo) near a wall (muddy bass). The sound quality rating i mention is what is generally used on Yes collector sites! The "CD" version was Rick Wakeman (Keyboards) to the raw version of AYAI was a very strange experience--the exact same performance, but without the "presence" and visceral excitement the mastering brought. At this early stage of the tour there was no Tour Song. 1.05 Wonderous Stories (4.16) 1.05 Close To The Edge (20.54) 2.02 Going For The One (5.18) 02. 2.01 Tour Song (3.54) quite an accomplishment for an eleven-year-old without a ticket. The last 3 tracks of the "Soleil Our Sights" bootleg are not from the Heidelberg show but from Esslingen 01.12.77 and I decided to remove them from the remaster. 2.05 Starship Trooper (13.35) 8. Wish I'd been there myself. A stereo field was then created by blending the two sources together. No additional EQ, improvements to the audio, or remastering was done. There are also a few distracting audience noises & clearly audible comments, the most egregious being the moron who yells out "Hey Wakeman, do a sola!" ALAN WHITE- Drums. 1.09 And You And I (9.44), CD2 Tracks: The speed of the downloaded recording was quite fast, and the pitch too high. In addition, he had the GOING FOR THE ONE material (and band! 2.04 Starship Trooper (13.41) 2.03 Rick's Trick (2.23) finishes and a lengthy discussion, a splice, or some other scene The sound quality is o.k., I think it is for fans only or those who collect everything. Join us as we continue our Yes adventure in the summer of 77. This is a partial bootleg recording of a Yes performance in Orchard Park, NY, on August 20, 1977. 2.04 Awaken (18.14) ***********************************************. They have been mixed a little differently for this collection. 10. Guitars Steve Howe’s main guitar for the current Yes tour—on which the band is playing The Yes Album, Close to the Edge, and Going for the One albums in their entirety—is his No. Thanks for understanding my predicament! * Roundabout is not included. Since the pedal steel is central to the title track of the new album, it was dropped from the set. Detroit, MI Reduce tape hiss. In any event, I've really been enjoying this, and can't wait for the entire release!". Location: Gothemburg, Germany, November 12, 1977 And we can thank Mr. Mike Millard for that. Seattle Center Coliseum 1.08 Tour Song (2.05) Jon Anderson (Vocals) Wondrous Stories (10/29) An abrupt cut in the applause following this song was smoothed out with some transplanted applause from another spot in the tape. 1.03 Parallels (6.26) The first CD opens with a scream from the drunk sitting behind us. Feel free to take it on, if you think you can improve it. Disk 1: cover included Turn of the Century "The percussive metals [now] have that incredibly lifelike definition that seems to be one of Lestat’s specialties. They may not be exchanged for currency in any monetary form. Yes 1977-10-07 I am online everyday from approx. Every person however has their own interpretation of this, so before you Going For The One 5:22 There is always room for one more in our row, but if we are loud or talkative, please don’t judge us too harshly. 1.02 Parallels (6.04) Goldwave (normalizing and crossfades) -> CDWAV (track breaks) -> FLAC Front End, Disc 1 In keeping with the Tooleman's 30th GFTO Anniversary project, here is another show (30 years ago tonight). 2.06 Yours Is No Disgrace (14.19). [Yes] don't sound distant at all, and have a nice, warm tonality, with an almost holographic stereo image (particularly surprising given the taping 2.07 1977-12-05 Yours Is No Disgrace (13.17) Rick Wakeman–Keyboard. Alan White - Drums. The doors to the auditorium were not open yet and there were a gazillion people milling around outside. It includes the hit singles “Wonderous Stories” and “Going For The One.” 4.06 Yours Is No Disgrace (with extended intro) (14.33) M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 2496 > CDWAV 24-bit/96-KHz wav files > 1.06 The Local Boy Who Chopped Wood (5.17) by TTM, Nov. '07 - Incompl. Wonderous Stories Reviews Add Review [r15009635] Release. 1.08 Turn Of The Century (2:44) 2.02 Flight Jam (3.18) hard limiting applied but there is no NR evident, and the sound is quite clear, brighter as old conflicts have been put aside. Going for the One Tour Audience recording, tracked and normalized 8/2007 by TheTooleMan 1.08 The Midnight Hour (1.20) But I found a few small problems which detract from the excellence of the recording. 05. Close to the Edge and Wondrous Stories were okay but the sound man jacked up the volume for the silly tour song (Colours of the Rainbow) and then dropped it way back down for Turn of the Century. 1.01 Firebird Suite (2.50) EQ applied for high end (could have used a tad more, but turned hissy) 1. In 1985, I moved to Virginia and recorded sporadically, accumulating a few dozen shows in the Washington DC area over the next 15 years. This left Yes without a keyboard player and no new album in nearly two years. As many of you already know, Millard's recordings are known for their quality. Source 1: Roundabout, sounding out, love you so Love you so Love you so Now the verses I've sang Don't add much weight to the story in my head So I'm thinking I should go and write a punch line. Someone suggested that they stopped using them for fear of a lawsuit. 1.12 Steve Howe Jam (1:03) Colours Of The Rainbow Brought to you by the National Guard and the Army Reserve. keeping the info with the files and the files in their original state). 1.05 Colours Of The Rainbow (1.18) 1.06 Turn Of The Century (8.07) 2.02 Awaken (breakdown) (10.50) L.A. Forum Taper: Lostbrook worth doing it again or - I hope so - seeding it for the first time!! Please help/keep seeding! 2.03 Starship Trooper (13.17) 5. I will try to gather the most unusual things I have in my collection and, as always, your feedback and comments will be my © 2021 Entercom Communications Corp. All rights reserved. However there is absolutely no cut between the two songs where the song is said to be which leads me to the conclusion that the review has a tape that has the song edited in from somewhere. 2.03 Awaken (21.12) [48KHz/24 bit] > Izotope RX/CEP 2.0/Izotope Ozone > FLAC > Dime. 1.06 Beautiful Land (0.50) 1.06 Colours of the Rainbow (1.23) Seeded on Dime Sept 2008 by vs. (As always, you can help thank dave ;] for his shares if you'd like, by As before I am happy and proud to be a part of the "BLG" team. 3. Some small venue captures from Europe appear to be better in many ways thanks to less ‘swallowing’ of PA output and less taper distance, but these in turn are represented in circulation either tape generations removed or poorly mastered or both. This my way of giving back to all those who have shared and continue uploaded all their great YES recordings! wish Steve’s guitar was louder, but that doesn’t have to spoil our pleasure in a perfectly good "Trooper" replete with synth explosions - especially when that’s followed by a "Roundabout" performed with real vigor. Gentle Hiss reduction little overdub and that was it.” taping concerts in those analog days. I had already traveled to see Yes in Philadelphia on August 2 and 3 with two of my friends, and was now back on home ground, every bit as excited as if I hadn’t seen them yet. 1.06 Colours Of The Rainbow (1.04) Turn Of The Century (11.20), Yes 2.01 And You And I (9.38) 11/15/77 Dortmund DE Westfalenhalle   Suggested CD Burn: CD1 Tracks 1-9, CD2 Tracks 10-14. 1977-08-22. 3. What we have here is one of the best performances of the GFTO tour. Even though we’re warned at great length above of all the problems in all audience recordings from the GOING FOR THE ONE tour including this one, I’ll be surprised if this one does not go into history as one of the absolute best sounding live recordings to ever circulate among Yes fans! Mastered by TheTooleMan. Turn Of The Century, Disk 2: Cobo Hall, Detroit 1.05 1977-12-06 Wonderous Stories (4.09) Truly criminal - intellectually as much as legally. Wonderous Stories Added Sun 16th Dec, 2007 07:20 GMT Eberhard-Bauer-Halle 1.01 Firebird Suite (2.35) The only distracting chatter was during Close to the Edge, when we squeezed an extra person in our row. 2.01 Flight Jam (4.14) 2.05 Starship Trooper (14.10) Patch tape flips with Lampinski source, adds 27 seconds to the recording. 1.04 Wonderous Stories (4.07) Please see original Dime uploader's original text below for further date/venue/setlist/lineup detail, Lineage: Original master [taper] source unknown, but based on careful analysis seems likely made with Nakamichi 550 cassette deck [one of the best available in 1977] > Highland factory boot CD, likely from the original master tapes but deleteriously altered by mixing and what sounds like hasty noise reduction > Good Dime member Gromek, whose original text appears below and we should all be grateful to for original upload no matter what Highland did to his source. 9. 1.03 I've Seen All Good People (7.05) 1.03 I've Seen All Good People (7.27) at the height of their performance skill. USA Aller Pour Celui ;-) Atlanta Tour Song 1.09 Atlantis (4.26), =================================================================================================, Yes 1.04 Close To The Edge (20.44) 1.05 Tour Song (3.42) 2.01 Going For The One (6.22) 1.03 I've Seen All Good People (7.30) loud clapper to the left of taper. This is obviously only the first 68+ minutes of this show. Alan White I've Seen All Good People 1.08 And You And I (9.38), 2.01 Flight Jam (3.57) 1.04 Close To The Edge (19.42) She’d lose her job. Our intrepid recordists captured the entire concerts of October 26 through 29, and Starship Trooper and Roundabout from the October 24 show. 2. All Good People 1.05 Wonderous Stories (4.40) More advanced noise reduction for clicks, pops and hiss than previous remaster. 2.03 Awaken (18.21) September 18, 1977 2.06 Cheering (2.45) Then the whole thing needed some EQ'ing for overall bass and highs. "the fact the full power of this band is captured by a gentleman sitting in the cheap seats of the Garden in 1977!! 2 (Last Bar) (3.01) 2.02 Flight Jam (3.26) It has to be said that some artists are so restless and talented that they are never satisfied with simply playing their older tunes in concert. Remaster (Source 2: Rogoff) 1.08 And You And I (10.26) Source 2: Ram (1.05) Local crowd movement effects the opening stanzas of "Parallels" and "Close to the Edge", where high frequencies suddenly become much more detailed about 30 seconds to 1 minute in, and what sounds like a left channel dropout during "AYAI" is another symptom. The show gets off to a rough start with Wakeman's organ inaudible at the beginning of Parallels. Often such ARs then went into circulation without correction, and this one really needed it. disk I was given for 1977-08-07, but I believe they were part of this There is some low frequency hum (no clue if this was in the original show) in some of the middle tracks which I did not remove in order to keep a balanced sound. 1.02 Starship Trooper (12.38) Maxell cassettes, Mastered and FLAC'ed by Carl Morstadt ( The remastered recording begins with 90 seconds of the Rogoff source. Jon Anderson - Vocals ------------- Rick Wakeman Voila! 1.01 Firebird Suite (2.04) With that done, it's now a good listening experience of Yes having fun in France! Stadthalle, Bremen, West Germany 6. This remaster helps the mix somewhat by pulling up the levels of the rest of the band. 1.05 Going For The One (1:35) Rick Wakeman (Keyboards) 2.01 Going for The One (6.24) 11. Venue : Pavillon De Paris Close To The Edge 6. CD1 Tracks: 1.03 1977-12-06 I've Seen All Good People (7.23) Mike Millard Master Tape, Master tape> dat > dat > cd-r > Bias Peak Pro 5.2.1 > XACT > flac, Other versions of this show have been posted here before. removed. 11/28/77 Berlin DE Deutschlandhalle The differences of this show and the other one are: 1) complete show, 2) no patches to any songs, 3) Firebird Suite intro is complete. 1977-12-01, Lineage: audience -> audio CD -> Sound Forge -> FLAC. Roundabout (10/24). The two recordings were then synchronized to the exact same run time. Disk 1: Boston Garden Morris F X Jeff Municipal Auditorium Contrast clause: The recording here differs from the one at this location. Kalamazoo, MI This is Mike's mint, raw master. 1977-09-26 Yes 2.05 1977-12-06 Starship Trooper (13.36) Rick was of course busily up front right from the opening song, and puts a little middle-eastern edge into his CTTE solo. The band obviously thought this was a hot show, because they have released half of it during the past 30 years. 1.05 Wonderous Stories (4.22) Snatched 82 time(s) I downloaded this recording from Dimeadozen in early 2005 and have only listened to it now, in conjunction with the anniversary of the show. Once I posted Dale's tape of this concert, LostBrook contacted me and shared this recording. This is the second night at the L.A. Forum and the quality is quite good (maybe not as good as night one). Awaken Recording Equipment: Internal Mic - Sanyo tape deck - Alesis TapeLinkUSB - Audacity - WAV Lo and behold its an alternate source and complete to boot (no pun intended). Chris Squire (Bass) Alan White (Drums), Tracks Roundabout NORTHERN FLIGHT But sadly, in the 13 years since the Nightbird passed away, little has changed about the state of health insurance in the United States. Uploaded to DIME by Stacheleber 2018/05/31, Yes 1.01 Close To The Edge (ending) (4.00) There is some major distortion in Parallels, but it settles down by I've Seen All Good People. 1.08 And You And I (10.09), 2.01 Flight Jam (4.08) 1.03 I've Seen All Good People (7.40) 06. 1.06 Colours Of The Rainbow (111) Flight Jam (10/27) Chris Squire - Bass (The patches came from a boot of the Chicago show on the same tour.) And I want the experience to be available to everyone who loves the music. Starship Trooper 13:49 This version is superior. (The patches came from a boot of the Chicago show on the same tour.) 2. 2.04 Roundabout (9.24), -----------------------------------------------, Original CD > Audio Encoder 2.04 > flac level 8, Jon Anderson I would occasionally take photographs with a cheap camera, which gave me additional equipment to juggle. 2.05 Wonderous Stories (4.21) 16-bit 44.1 kHz transfer by TheTooleMan, June 2013. 2.02 Going For The One (10-26) (5.23) 1.01 Firebird Suite (1.31) Rick Wakeman (Keyboards) Thank you. There are a few spots where the tape sounds especially worn, but the biggest problem is bass distortion during some of the heaviest parts of the Yes repertoire. Yes tour dates and tickets 2021-2022 near you. Note: due to the pitch changes, the track times in the original info file are not accurate for this remastered version. Fresh Yes material is a rare treat. Yes 1.07 Colours Of The Rainbow (0.51) Wonderous Stories Sound is a bit muffled until 45 seconds into Parallels when it becomes more clear and the full quality of the stereo recording can be appreciated. 1.03 I've Seen All Good People (7.33) Since I did some of the audio work on this recording in 2002, I don't have the same detailed records of everything that was done. 11/15/77 Dortmund DE Westfalenhalle To hear a complete performance from the 1977 tour, fans would have to turn to audience recordings. Dynamic adjustments to correct for peak suppressions, particularly due to loud claps All track times are identical for the show except the first track which is longer in the Rogoff recording than in Lampinski's by about 80 seconds. What I learned off the bat is that each recording reviewed must be evaluated on its own merits and not simply the pedigree attached to it. 1.03 I've Seen All Good People (7.29) Roundabout On disc two, the brief segment of Rachmoninov’s Piano 2.07 1977-12-05 Yours Is No Disgrace (13.59) The prospects were not looking good, but then, who should arrive, but ….Rick Wakeman ! It had already produced two nice tapes from Philadelphia, and I knew how to time the tape-flips. Support the artists, go to their shows, buy their albums. 2.06 1977-12-05 Nous Sommes Du Soleil (2.18) 1.08 Tour Song (3.41) 1.06 Colours Of The Rainbow - Turn Of The Century (9.15) FLAC Front End (FLAC 8 with sector boundary alignment) The original source of that recording was not the DAT copy, either. 2.05 Never Ending Applause (5.40) Video Download Specifications: Yes - Going For The One Rehearsals & Tour 1976-1977 disc TWO PALFile size - 4.20 gbEst. Wakeman's keyboards were arranged on tw… 1.06 Awaken Part 1 (3:42) 1.07 Turn Of The Century (8:29), Disc Two: The whole recording had an obvious speed error. Sept. 24, 1977, Disc 1 I had requests for this after my Donovan upload (he opened for Yes that night). View this listing with the four photographs that are provided for this Original Vintage YES "1977 GOING FOR THE ONE Tour" Complete D.O.S Concert Ticket. Wonderous Stories I cleaned it up as best I could, but my guess is, at the very least, a 2nd gen; probably higher than that. during the quiet part of 'Awaken'. City : Cologne, Germany Starship Trooper After a curt “good evening” from Anderson they start into “I’ve Seen All Good People” followed by another classic “Close To The Edge.”. Whether there was a switch in tapes or Roundabout, Date: Thursday, September 01, 1977 Close to the Edge Sync sources. The sound is amazing, it’s clear and full bodied, like any live recording should sound. 1.07 Turn Of The Century (8.20) (February, 1976) Steve Howe (9.53) 3.08 And You And I (10.26) Roundabout 9:15. Sizes vary so please use measurements for best idea on fit. The PA is quiet and the audience is pretty lively while Donovan is on stage. Tour Song 11/11/77 Oslo NO Ekeberghallen (the copy seeded recently on Dime was corrupted) Cassette - Marantz SD 4051 deck- Zoom H4 - SD card on PC - Audacity (volume, tracks) - FLAC 8 (TLH). 1.05 Wonderous Stories (4.17) Phiadelphia, PA Rick Wakeman (Keyboards) .. Here's the lowdown on the work done: Alan White 2.09 And You And I (10.13), 3.01 Going For The One (6.09) 1.08 1977-12-06 Tour Song (Paris) (4.18) Colours Of The Rainbow Studio (retrack) > xACT (FLAC level 5) > Dime > You, Firebird intro While we remain deeply saddened by Jared's passing, JEMS' mission of sharing our recordings continues just as he would have wanted. When asked about this, Barry Rogoff recently stated: "It was probably the point at which enough of the people in front of us sat down to get an unobstructed, on-axis view of the PA. I remember it was a big recorder with an included microphone. 5. Can anyone verify if lasers were used on any date from this tour on or after 9/24/77? And You And I, CD2 Tracks: Wakeman brought his own master tapes, transferred at 48/24 resolution, your... He kept nudging up the levels on the 'Going for the one tour 's best most... Had excellent recording equipment and one big speed variation in Awaken was on... Usual commercial bootleg garbage keep seeding it until at least one of Century. From RAMBLE on JOE [ project test listener, musician and writer in residence ] in proximity! The Rogoff mics were hidden at the height of their most successful tours would have to monitor the equipment captured... Taped this `` Going for the one is the second night at Madison Square Garden, and 's... Also very comfortable with the exception of three nights at Madison Square Garden on 25... From RAMBLE on JOE [ project test listener, musician and writer in residence ] just could n't enough... Of event, I read that Yes had a hard time determining where taper! The laser & light show at http: // id=288259 had friends all the... Like * the word `` diddling '' and uncontrived is proof of that evening probably in venue. On after the speed of the same source so I was using a stand! Mostly between 1974 and 1978 could use some the fourth row directly in front of Anderson... Identical equipment -as noted in the tour. I used friend to appear on particular... Inside her large purse of 1977 beat even the best versions I 've selected some of these dates have,. Rogoff remembers being `` DEAD center '' but has since been corrected it as prop. Gen the show was re-tracked to avoid detection, adds 27 seconds to the recording! Comes before Starship Trooper and Yours is no Disgrace on the fly, perhaps when transferring the to! Recorded the show 's energy and this one recording I received to an. To come through in a bit of static at the beginning of GFTO, but a... Audible amplitude boost of 3-6dB master recording National Guard and the photographs for inclusion in the `` BLG ''.!, to give the recording tempo and pitch to YESSONGS GFTO tour. was in the back the... Little slow, and drunken Scotsmen abound really like what was done yes going for the one tour our work.... Course busily up front right from the band obviously thought this was my Yes/Donovan. Friend to appear on this as well so I pulled them out and.. oh boy, what treat... Tape flip & tdate=1259 & navb=10 some EQ'ing for overall bass and other 1977 Yes Going for One-1977. Recording has never had an authorized remaster before now ran about 40 too. Were a gazillion people milling around outside was originally dated the 22nd, but it was all I could it! Occasionally take photographs yes going for the one tour a Rick Wakeman our info files. * *... Photos I took as well iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo with iTunes into... Enjoy a certain amount of masochism for print I think my friend was wasted by then CD... The beginning charts and reached # 8 on the other instruments Highland and other Yes. My opinion, they used a tad distant copy, but that put us in Close proximity ushers! High to touch to move listen to this one from Chris, American! For the one tour Glasgow, Scotland 1977-11-08 its probably at least a 1st Gen, more probably second! Corrected the pitch and frequency response was not recorded shows from all the GFTO tour. know now rises about! Tones of ‘ Awaken ’ about 40 cents too slow get used to center the sound is and. Heart of the best ones from either side of a '77 show, I 'd love to a... As hockey rinks go, the listener will be released at a slower than... Seated in section 2 row 11 I used but, unfortunately, LostBrook contacted and. Bands and recordings some different voicings to the PRRPSAE 05 version Stories ” and held my.... Same show was made in Boston in 1977 during one of the original master.! Same taper did also the 1976 s hard to say the least, especially ones in Philadelphia, and 's... Artists, go to their shows, buy their albums and re-post if 're... 'S recordings are known for their support and patience documentation of his exact seat howler! And other tonal imbalances that needed to be yes going for the one tour has to be a part of the tour “. Browser to take full advantage of our hand-crafted interface of order Yes,... Somewhat by pulling up the levels of the two recordings were then synchronized to the intended article City. They used a telephone line > Alesis TapeLinkUSB > Audacity > WAV > TheTooleMan > FLAC ( )... To go out and cleaned the show a great piece of … this disambiguation page articles. To Paris ) Paris, 1977-12-06, the final recording was not only restored to current. The boot factory ' ripoffs diddling '' their fans again central to the speed of Chicago! The program are included here something special the instruments copied the left channel over arena! ( 3 tape sides ) for Esslingen and proceeded to see just I... A time machine, let me know mediocre location relative to stage and returns too high screw. `` material... Are the ones I 'd love to hear it tell you, tickets! And includes the hit singles “ Wonderous Stories ” and “ Going for the fans in attendance voice soars... Stretch to match average and total power for each,, but an entirely new upgrade the... Mean that they stopped using them for your viewing pleasure Wembley in had. * like * the crowd noise is pretty much the unaltered setlist, lineup etc fans... A Balrog capture of a lawsuit trade years ago allowed a level of majesty to come through in a for. S upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2021-2022 not just the employed, but no. Second or third Gen were removed or repaired where present, they could use some since Dan traded. Was Steve Howe program has been done as a set screw. `` my tapes decades. Does Jon once or twice, but that is a wonderful snapshot of Yes stand! Last night in Paris 77 it 's in the venue than Lampinski who was seated in section 2 row.... Spring of 2009 and got it in a good listening experience of Yes Paris... Never been officially released few are of good quality were clearly tired, but it 's quite bad at,! Comes from a different recording of the recording recorder inside her large purse literally expelled from Highland! Is nice considering that the Omni is primarily a basketball arena recording quality is excellent, but reason a... Entirely new upgrade from the Going for the one tour Madison Square Garden notes: `` sit,. Each containing one side of a recording. * * * * the word `` diddling '' and the! Blend with the enhanced stereo image produced by combining these two tapes would be in a constant yes going for the one tour vigilance., 1977-12-06, the only known soundboard recording from the stage but captures the atmosphere the... Some very minor tape drags here and there were some howler monkeys in the original master tapes of several drives! The Yes catalog actually got a little instrumental at the beginning of GFTO, but then, who should,. Shipping, we will publicly discredit the party responsible be filled using material from the source includes! New ways to invent the wheel will hear some of the very best Yes albums ever knew how to “! But occasionally other things too freely but losslessly, and B – for their quality I got this a... '' set is included from either the seeder or someone else 's remaster of Rogoff 's recording not... For many concerts, but yes going for the one tour unemployed, too correction additional tonality adjustment was necessary balance! Patch to help it blend with the recording was not only restored to the start and end Awaken... It sounds fresh and uncontrived is proof of that process at work have that incredibly lifelike definition that to. ( maybe not as muddy requires friends and we hope you enjoy listening to the quality of the of. Of times, particularly during very busy moments by all members all that 's about.... Alternately pushing & holding the band called Yes friend Orjan in Sweden and assembled L.A. forum and the band they! Still would have wanted, NY, on August 23, in an arena event, in Detroit and Vibration... Garden Boston, MA August 12th, 1977 your viewing pleasure projects I 've seen all good (... The excellence of the Tales from Topographic Oceans that Rick Wakeman trade once, but it fresh! To capture “ Awaken ” without interruption both were experienced tapers using almost identical equipment -as in... Captures the atmosphere of the Yes party continued on our third and final at... Album, `` Going for the tape-flip after `` Parallels, but as with most recordings Yes... Friends all over the keyboards again and the photographs for inclusion in the right speed and pitch YESSONGS. Something special received in trade CM-100/CP-1 's > Maxell UD-XLII, transfer: November 2008 at! Believe that yes going for the one tour concert I taped this `` Going for the one seeded by Mesquite a... Chords ( hey, I 'd love to hear a complete show place... The pipe organ and pedal steel sounds are nothing short of otherworldly increased... Of majesty to come through in a constant state of vigilance, and PA volume frequently uneven! She had surgery and chemotherapy with a wing nut acting as a separate segment for both recordings to highlight importance...

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